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Patrick Robinson (above)

May Measurement Month is a worldwide public screening initiative to highlight the need for increased awareness around blood pressure.

Our aim is to measure as many people's blood pressure as possible and find out just how big the problem is. We will then be able to demonstrate to governments across the world why they need to raise public awareness and provide us all with better blood pressure screening facilities and treatment.

High blood pressure is a silent killer. It is the No. 1 contributing risk factor for global death causing many cardiovascular complications. But often people don't even know they have high blood pressure. There are no symptoms and some people only find out they have high blood pressure after they suffer a heart attack or stroke, or are diagnosed with something else, such as heart or kidney disease.

We are looking for adult volunteers aged 18 years plus who ideally have not had their blood pressure recorded in the past 12 months. But don't worry if you have, you can still take part.

Wales has agreed to take part in this important initiative and during the month of May 2018, blood pressure measurements will be offered to the public at a variety of venues across Wales. The Wales focussed initiative is fully supported by British Heart Foundation Cymru.

We hope that the website will provide a much needed focus for people who want to get their blood pressure measured, and know their numbers and that their measurements matter. We hope to encourage many more people to get involved and encourage their friends and relatives to get their blood pressure measured too. Indeed, over the coming months we hope to establish an active ‘on line’ community so that the people of wales can become more informed about the importance of measuring their blood pressure, and, if it is raised the benefits of lowering it in terms of reducing the risks of stroke and heart attack.

If a sponsor or organisation is interested in running a blood pressure measuring, then please Contact Us.